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    @ Home with Team Citron: How to Ace Homeschool with Jam With Jamie

    So, tell us…did you ever think you’d spend this much time in your house? No? Neither did we.

    It’s no secret that the real estate market is ACTIVE. Whether you recently moved into a new house, you’re getting ready to move now, or you just need to spruce up your current home, Team Citron is here to help with the support of some amazing local brands.

    @ Home with Team Citron provides fun tips and tricks to elevate your current situation.

    @ Home with Team Citron: How to Ace Homeschool with Jam with Jamie

    Jam with Jamie is a nationwide children’s entertainment company specializing in music for birthday parties, events, public and private classes/playgroups and preschool music education. Team Citron’s Jenna sat down with Jam with Jamie founder (and Miami native) Jamie Kolnick to talk all things home and homeschool. Jam with Jamie is based in NYC with locations and programming across the country. 

    Jenna: Has COVID and the past 6 months made you change the way you feel about home?

    Jamie: Yes! I’m pretty sure everyone I know began to redecorate and either hoard, or de-clutter, as soon as we realized home was where it was AT. As soon as the stay-at-home orders were placed in early March, I actually was scared Amazon was going to shut down so I went on a toy buying rampage! I bought a train table, a new train set, puzzles, art supplies – you name it, I got it. As soon as everything arrived I realized I way over did it and panic purchased. Less is definitely more, especially in a NYC apartment. The more space I have for the kids to play, the better, so after a couple months I got rid of a ton of stuff to make room for the kids’ imaginations to fly without all the THINGS. Also, less stuff allows me to feel more calm too. I am so much happier in a decluttered space and my kids are less overwhelmed, as well.

    Jenna: What’s your favorite thing about your apartment?

    Jamie: While our apartment is larger than a lot of New York apartments, it’s still tight! Our dining table is two steps from our living room, which is two steps from our kitchen…you get the idea. But we have large windows that overlook the Hudson and it brings so much light into the space, making for the perfect backdrop for family dance parties!

    Jenna: What is your new “must-have” when looking for a new home for your family?

    Jamie: A pool! After being in quarantine for 5 months and then coming down to Miami for a month for a change of scenery, I have a newfound love and obsession with having a pool. Even one of those blow up kiddie pools will do. The kids play in the pool all day, ultimately making my job as a mama a lot easier so I am not pining for a million Etsy crafts and activities to keep them busy or, let’s face it, watching way too much TV.
    Jenna: What are your top 3 quick tips for parents who are setting up a homeschool space for their kids?


    • Make space! Move things out of the way so there is room for the kids to do their work. A child’s work is PLAY. They need room to do so; to explore and to create.
    • Be resourceful. You don’t need to pack your Amazon cart to have a successful homeschool experience (I learned this the hard way after my panic purchasing!). Make a list of all of the things you do have and how they can be used in different ways. That large spool of paper you have? That can be taped down on the floor and you can gather all of your crayons, markers, dot paints, and stickers and place them around the paper. At least 30 minutes of fun guaranteed. Pots, pans, and spoons in your kitchen? Put those on the kitchen floor and have a drum circle. Wish you had a giant water table but don’t have the space? Place some cups and bowls in the sink and bring a stool high enough over so your child can have “water table” play in your sink.
    • Go with the flow, it doesn’t need to be perfect. I find that as soon as I start making schedule charts to match the ones I see other parents making on Instagram, I burn out. Have ideas for the day, but if it’s not working out, go easy on yourself and your child. This is a weird time and really what is most important is that you are making space for your child to play. Play and work time looks different between each child, so if something isn’t working, let it go!

    Jenna: I love these tips, thank you. Tell me about Jam with Jamie’s new homeschool offering. What makes it unique and a good option for parents this fall?

    Jamie: We realize there are so many families right now who are not able to send their kids to school and are – let’s be honest- freaking out about what that looks like at home! The Jam with Jamie Homeschool Program was created to make parents’ lives easier and take the pressure off of having to be the teacher. Our program is suited for ages 2 to 5 years old and we will come to your home to facilitate a play-based, arts integrated program for small groups up to 6 children, safely. Safety first! The program is 3 to 4 hours a day and anywhere between 2 to 5 days a week. This program is available in Miami, NY, NJ, CT, and LA. You can learn more and inquire about our program by filling out a form at
    Jenna: And, how can we sign up?
    Jamie: You can learn more and inquire about our program by filling out a form at

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