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    @Home with Team Citron: How to Buff Up Your Home Gym with Kamps

    Whether you recently moved into a new house, you’re getting ready to move now, or you just need to spruce up your current home, Team Citron is here to help with the support of some amazing local brands. @Home with Team Citron provides fun tips and tricks to elevate your current situation.

    Kamps Fitness is a boutique fitness concept specializing in HIIT training workouts. Their workouts are characterized by high energy, great music and serious results. Jenna recently chatted with brothers and Kamps owners Ari and Sam Karl (Miami natives!) to talk about how they’ve adapted their business and lifestyle during COVID-19 plus tips on how to create the best atmosphere for a great at-home workout. Kamps has locations in Miami and Madison, WI but you can access their workouts anytime with their new on-demand streaming offering. 

    Jenna: Has COVID and the past 6 months made you change the way you feel about home?

    Ari: Home has become a place with multiple offerings. The new office, the new gym, the new social center. Home used to be a place of relaxation and now it has become a place of productivity.

    Sam: It has definitely been a challenge to separate working from home while also doing (quite literally) everything else from home. It took a while to get into a swing of working from a certain area and living in a separate area (AKA not working from my bed), but after a couple of months I really started to enjoy it!

    Jenna: Totally. Adding a desk to my room was a game-changer. What’s now your favorite thing about your home?

    Sam: Definitely my apartment balcony. It feels like there is more space than there actually is.

    Ari:  For me, it’s the windows. Having natural light while being inside so frequently changes the day.

    Jenna: What is your new “must-have” when looking for a new home?

    Sam: A big kitchen. Being able to cook at home has been one of my favorite parts of all this, and a great way to break up the day.

    Ari: Floor-to-ceiling windows and a clean, modern kitchen.

    Jenna: What are your quick tips for creating an at-home gym space? Are there any products/pieces of equipment that are must-haves?

    Ari: You need a corner of a room that is completely empty of distractions. Add a mat for floor work and one set of medium dumbbells – or even large jugs of liquid will do.

    Sam: I would say the most important item is a comfortable mat, because other than that, there isn’t much needed. So many workouts (including ours) can be done without weight, and I think it was transformative for so many people to see over quarantine that you don’t need equipment to get a good workout in.

    Jenna: Tell me more about Kamps. What makes your concept so unique and how has your business transformed in a post-COVID world?

    Sam: What sets Kamps apart from other studios is our community. When transforming to virtual, that same community stuck with us and grew even bigger. We now have two virtual platforms that will stay with our business forever, allowing our community to extend far beyond our in-person locations. The entire pandemic has showed us that the health and safety of our Kamps fam is the most important thing.

    Ari: Yes, we’re a high-intensity interval training fitness company that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Kamps is so unique in that we push such a strong balance in life. We want you to grind when you work, but we want you to live your life. We want you to push yourself, but we want you to know your body. We want you to know that whoever you are, and whatever level you’re on, you can crush it with us.

    For more on Kamps Fitness, follow @kampsfit and be sure to use the code KAMPS40 for an insane discount on their new virtual offerings!

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